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Colour Changing Candle – Small Ball (unscented)


This Colour Changing Candle comes in a circular pillar shape and is made up of wax that partially transmits light. When the candle’s wick is set on fire, it automatically turns on LED lights present in its base. The colours of these lights are then projected through the translucent wax, creating a beautiful colour changing effect.

Our candles meet all quality standards and are safe to use under supervision.

Best Used For:
– Special occasion lighting.
– Yoga or Meditation lighting.
– Home décor.
– Romantic dinner lighting.

Size: 7cm (diameter)

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– Translucent wax to transmit light.
– Energy-efficient RGB LEDs.
– Microcontroller with an infrared sensor.
– Small battery to run LEDs.

Key Features:
– Traditional cylindrical shape.
– Colour transitioning light that diffuses through the wax.
– Long battery life.

How To Use:
– Burn the wick with any source of fire and see the magic.
– Place upright to avoid spilling molten wax.

– Keep out of reach of children.
– Never use near things that are prone to catching fire.
– Never leave running without supervision.

What’s in the box:
1x Small Ball candle